Tick tock...

Now that we are in 2009 it seems my obsession with counting down has taken a new extreme...I've decided that Mason will be born on February 30th, not March 2nd.  (Keeping in mind that I do realize that only 1% of babies are actually born on their due date).  So I've created a new calendar in my world.  Saying that I'm due "at the end of next month" instead of "in March" which everyone assumes is mid/late March and that's even further away.  Anyhow...

My first week and a bit back at work has been good, I felt like I had enough rest and was glad to get back into the workweek which makes my days go even faster!  The baby furniture came today via Sears Delivery and I had the change table set up in less than 40 mins on my own :)  I saved setting up the crib for when Clayton came home as it was a good couple activity, believe it or not we work really well as a team and hardly ever argue when setting up evil Ikea furniture.  The room looks awesome even though it's not 100% done, we are doing final touch ups, replacing the outlets with kid friendly ones (and upgrading from the blah cream color to the shiny white ones) and Clayton is redoing our cable/internet connections which live in this room.  I'm hesitant to take any pictures til it's all done!   We still have the mattress to purchase which I wanted to wait until the crib was set up to ensure we bought the right size and it adheres to safety standards (very important!) I'm disappointed that I can't use some of the baby bedding that came in the set (pillow/bumper) but will keep it decorated until Mason decides to use the room instead of sleeping in his bassinet.

We also met up with our new Delivery Doctor [Dr. Farmer] last week and I was happy to hear that the results for gestational diabetes came back negative.  Not that I was worried but I *do* like sugar and after I had the test I started to get nervous that maybe I was consuming too much and was putting myself at risk lol.  We discussed the next 50 days including my request for a relatively drug free birth which I am keeping an open mind on.  Obviously I realize that there is going to be *some* pain but I would prefer not to take drugs if I can handle it.  The other thing I want to avoid if possible is a c-section.  I really don't understand why this procedure is on the uprise as it's a surgery and will make the first weeks caring for a newborn that much harder!  If for some reason there is a birth issue and it needs to happen, then fine but I want to delivery vaginally.  The next appt is on the 20th and then I have weekly appointments after that!  The Doc said Mason was head down during our appointment and he said he's still wobbling around and may be on the small size (better than a huge baby!).

The only thing I have left to do is purchase a mattress for the crib which I think I'll do tomorrow, buy the car seat (which I'm waiting to go on sale) and last minute things I'll wrap up when I go on Mat Leave which I have decided will be Feb 15th.  Oooh the excitement!  We can't wait!!!

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