Our little man

So if you aren't on my Facebook list of friends, you may be out of the loop!  It was announced last week that little bumpy who has taken residence in my womb is probably a little boy.   So here's the story...

The appointment was on October 23rd at 3pm, I normally book 9am appts so I don't have to wait all day in suspense but that's the appt we got.  I drank my prereq of water prior to the appointment and met Clayton at the Clinic.  I was about 10 mins late cause I got disoriented and thought the clinic was further west but turns out it was 6 blocks east so I had to burn rubber to head in the other direction!  Clayton was a sweetie and stood in a free parking spot (and almost got run over by angry people who wanted to park there!).

I questioned why I had to have a full bladder if my baby was surrounded by 'water'! What exactly was this misery for? (I found out later that it's so the ultrasound tech is able to see the cervix).  Finally I was called in (without Clayton) and at least 20 mins was spent chatting with the tech while he scanned my belly and took pics.  At this point I wasn't allowed to see the screen and I felt bad for Clayton who was stuck out in the waiting room probably wondering what was taking so long.  The Tech then let me go pee and then I called Clayton in the room so we could watch Baby TV.   I told the Technician that we wanted to know the gender of bumpy (just in case he was against it or the clinic had different rules) and he said he'd try.  I replied that "If my baby is anything like its Mother, it won't show you.  Well sure enough, baby was bum up and knees were together.  (argh!).  Okay baby, time to show your parents what you are!  But baby didn't want to.  He gave me a good kick (which I didn't feel lol).  So I got up, moved around, poked my belly and even jumped up and down to try and move him.  A second attempt at a scan showed a pretty relaxed baby.  The Tech tried all kinds of angles and finally settled on a shot where we were looking straight up from underneath the baby.  You could see its little bum and bottom of feets.  All we had to do was get a good look at between his legs....if he ever opened them.  So we waited and finally, for a split second we saw....not much definitive.

So if you asked me, I'd say I saw nothing and it was inconclusive.  Both Clayton and the Tech thought they saw boy dangly bits and since I wanted a boy...YAY it's a boy :)

We both stared at the newest pic of our little one and got all weepy like soon to be parents do and then called everyone in the family to tell them the good news.  Next ultrasound is Dec 1 when we go for the 3D scan and hopefully will confirm the gender then.  If it turns out it's a girl, should be an interesting story to tell!

Oooh I just discovered this button: [polldaddy poll=1050888]

Other than that Clayton, Hershey and I had a great weekend visit with my family on the Island, the visits are never long enough but it was relaxing!

Until next week...

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