One of those days or one of MY days

My son is crawling around shirtless (cause it's covered in peas and I haven't got any motivation to put another shirt on him), he has a pair of jeans on and one sock (he took the other one off, no clue where it went).  The living room is slightly messy because I haven't been home much day to clean it.  The kitchen looks worse.  There is formula making stuff all over the place and water boiling because we ran out (although I swear I made some last night but Clayton must have thrown it out by accident).  There is a container of frozen lettuce on the was supposed to be part of a salad but apparenetly the fridge doesn't like veggies in the back and it got too cold.  I lift a container out of the sink and it's contents fly into the air and down my shirt.  Lovely.  Mason is playing with the cat house, which clearly has 'not for baby' parts attached to it (lengthy peices of cord) which is definitely a hazard.  Babyproofing time...There are two opened nearly full containers of baby food...peas (which he now won't eat) and a veggie pasta, which contains carrots.  Does EVERYTHING have to have carrots in it?.  Mason is now crying cause I took him away from the cat post and put him in his baby bounceroo.  Moooom, moomm he cries.  Nap time? Sure.  An empty pie plate is on the kitchen floor, which used to contain the last piece of pumpkin pie but it is now in the dogs stomach.  He helped himself to a treat while I was out. The house is freezing, Clayton installed a new thermostat and we assumed it was working but now that the heat wave is over, it's clearly not working.  Time to put on a sweater.  The dog is following me around, I guess that means he has to pee.  Get in line dude.  The bottle I just made for Mason is too hot, I have a habit of forgetting boiling things on the stove.  Despite added more formula to the mix, it's still too hot.  [sigh].  The timer I set on the microwave to remind myself of the boiling water must have gone off minutes ago...whoops.  My car smells like sour milk.  Mason's bottle leaked it's entire 7oz onto my floor mat.  When did it become 5pm? Wonder what to make for dinner, I don't have the slightest desire to make a nutritious meal yet I am hungry.  The chocolate bar I just had as a 'treat' is long gone.  I'm not sure I was cut out for this.  I love being Mason's Mom but I sometimes feel like I'm a glorified house cleaner, cook, and chauffeur.  I so wish I could be one of those super stay at home Mom's (like Erron) but I'm craving to be out in the world.  I am so torn, wishing I could watch my little boy all day and still make money.  This parenting thing sure isn't easy.

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