No longer a wittle baby!

I seriously do not know where 7 months went!  I was having a great cuddling session with Mason yesterday and pulled him up onto my chest for a hug, I then flashbacked to when he was just a few days old.  Clayton and I took turns having him sleep on our chest, this little 7lb bundle of joy who fit perfectly in our arms.  Fast forward to now and you have this high energy happy little 17lb bundle with long legs and arms!  Now I know why Moms crave for another baby, it's to get that little baby back!  Try and tell Mason he's a 'little baby' and he'll surely prove you wrong.  Here are some of the new developments we've come across over the past little while:

  • is a very good eater but will not eat anything with carrots and peas (yes, we will try again soon) loves every fruit we feed him and will often grab the spoon and try to 'feed' himself

  • is fully mobile! the crawling is a bit off as he extends one leg so his foot is flat on the floor, almost like he's going to stand.  He recently  started doing 'pushups' when on a soft surface (like our bed)

  • will try and climb up ANYTHING that he can (floor length mirrors, mommy's legs, high chair...) hasn't had any bad falls but we've bonked our head numerous times

  • recovers quickly from bonks on the head!

  • babbles non stop - babababa and mommmm, mommmmm.  Have heard him say other things like 'hi, agua and oh' obviously I don't attach any of these words to their actual meanings but it's fun to hear him say things

  • loves playing with Hershey and Hershey (so far) is very tolerant of the tail pulling/foot touching.  The cat looks at Mason like he's a disease and quickly runs off, so far no interaction

  • has started putting his hands up when he wants to be picked up (usually when he's upset)

  • loves when I sing and clap my hands.  When I make the 'pop' noise with my mouth, he straightens his body and listens (a great help when I'm changing his diaper!) I also use this noise for clipping his nails which he usually cannot sit still for.

  • picks up most things on the floor but plays with them rather than puts them in his mouth

  • loves teething biscuits but drops them so Hershey gets most of them.  Tried a Baby mum mum and he ate most of it.

  • gave him his sippy cup and mostly had it figured out

  • favorite 'toy's are things he's not supposed to play with - Daddy's guitar, cords underneath computer desk, cords anywhere, anything shiny and silver (digital camera)

  • is sleeping better through the night, waking up only a few times every few hours.  Nap times are a breeze if Mason is in the right 'tired zone' if not he'll roll around in his crib and play

  • has his first cold (runny nose, coughing and sneezing) Wiping a snotty nose is gross lol.  Despite being sick, he's in an amazing happy mood (hopefully it continues this way

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