New duds * rum'n'coke

If I have one complaint about being a new Mom it's being in the doldrums and in that blah land is a very sad wardrobe.  Recently I took out all the clothes that I no longer wear out of the closet, it was a pretty big pile.  What I was left with was prepreg tshirts (over stretched from the belly and some with holes from mountain biking) and after pregnancy clothes which are clearly too big for me now.  The things I've really needed to replace are the undies (no more pregger panties for me!) new pants, new bras (bye bye loose ugly nursing bras), okay well *everything*.  So while Clayton and I were in Vernon, I noticed there was a La Senza to which I still have a gift certificate for.   I convinced him to come with me, I told him he could ogle me while in the change room and critique the bras!  I asked to get measured because I have obviously 'grown' since I had Mason.  I am two sizes bigger in the bust and one cup size bigger.  Sigh.  I left with two cute 'pin up' type bras and new sexy satin 'boxer shorts'.  Next stop was a clothing store to get some non Mommy type clothes (eg no yoga pants!).  I left with three new shirts and a pair of brown cords Clayton picked out.  I changed into my new clothes as soon as we got back home and WOW.  That crappy nursing bra was doing *nothing* for my figure!  The girls were instantly lifted and were they ever out there.  Yikes!  I haven't been used to this is in a while.  No one really enforced how getting a good nursing bra is so important and by 'good' I mean supportive!   Sexy Jodes is back!  YAY.

And to celebrate my new clothes and having part of my 'old' body back was to accept a drink from Clayton's parents who were having a drink themselves.  When I heard the magic word 'Rum' I thought to myself 'I'm not b-feeding anymore! so what the hell!'.  It was delicious!  I only had one, I figured I'd be drunk after the first gulp hehe.

What a great day!  Here is to me, being 'me' once again!

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