My little bouncin' baby

I was tempted to write 'boy' but the gender hasn't been confirmed so I'm not going to get ahead of myself.  The last prenatal appt went well as usual.  The ever growing belly was measured (lookin' good!) and we heard the heartbeat.  (sigh) always puts tears in my eyes.  The Dr. found the heartbeat much quicker this time so it was a nice surprise to hear such a strong beat so fast!  Even thinking about that moment makes me tear up!  I also got on the scale and wasn't surprised to see that I gained 1lb (in 3 weeks or so).  Appetite hasn't returned fully, although my morning sicknesss hasn't reared its ugly head.  I've been sick a few times but not a big deal compared to what I was going through before.  I also had my Maternal Serum Screening test to check for birth defects.  This is usually the test that gets women most nervous.  Results come back in about 7 days (I have until about mid next week).  I'm not overly worried though.  Next appt - Oct 6th with Dr. Wood who will be the birthing doctor as Dr. Robinson doesn't deliver babies.  (Dr Wood jokes that Dr R doesn't like midnight calls hehe).  At that time I'll make the appt for the next ultrasound and we'll finally see who is right about the sex.  I say boy, Clayton says girl.  I'm happy with either but it's no secret that I think it's a boy!  Although I have to say I've had 2 dreams now that I gave birth to a girl.  In both dreams her name was Alexandra (the name we have picked out so far) and last nights dream had me giving birth in a bathroom (she was okay) and I was a few months early.  It seemed so real!  No names for the little man yet though, it's hard choosing a name! While I'm glad my m/s is over, my latest symptom which I find very annoying and all the pregger women in teh world can agree is the frequent peeing.  I swear the baby is going to be a gymnast as it has clearly mistaken my bladder for a trampoline!

Today is Saturday and I was quite upset to find myself awake at 9am with clearly not enough sleep!  I ate some cereal and forced myself back to bed where I went through at least 5 dream sequences.  Finally I got up at around 1:15pm.  Muchhhhh better :) gotta enjoy this 'sleep' stuff while I can!  Last night I spent a bit of time entering online contests to win baby stuff, new appliances and money.  Anything that will help us out in the near future.  Why pay for it if you don't have to?  Besides with the job I have, it has restored my faith in online contests since that's what I do all day, notify people they've won prizes and money!  I love giving away the $1000 worth of cash.  It is surprising when people don't even write back to thank you!  I almost feel like writing them back to say I'm taking away their prize due to bad manners.

I guess I should go do something with myself today but I'm feeling awfully lethargic, perhaps returning to bed with a good book might help!  It's a dreary day for it :)

Until next week!!!

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