Mason update - 9 months

Our little dude is growing up so fast it's hard to keep track of all the new things he's doing!

  • showing signs of clinginess, will try to climb up you if you don't lift him up

  • continues to preteeth like mad, the drool doesn't stop yet there are no signs of any teeth!

  • is quite a fast little crawler and scales everything now

  • likes to climb

  • is going through a fussy eating period where he's rejecting a lot of his pureed foods

  • still doesn't like food that has chunks of anything in it

  • isn't a fan of juice

  • still not sleeping through the night and often sits/stands up when has awoken out of a deep sleep

  • started saying 'da da' last week

  • started saying 'gee gee' this week

  • trying to wean him off the binky but it's hard!

  • isn't shy with strangers and will reach for them when being held

  • doesn't smile at everyone he sees anymore

  • loves being chased and loves chasing (video is here)

  • isn't saying 'mummmm' much anymore

  • met Santa for the first time (picture is here)

  • is not quite standing unassisted but is showing signs of being more stable

  • is very 'busy' and doesn't like to be idle unless cuddling, watching youtube videos with Mommy (Mason's favorite)

  • crawls up stairs like a pro and is cautious when at the top of the stairs, he won't go down them...yet

  • has lots of hair now and looks to be a sandy blond

  • eczema has been at bay for a few months now with the odd spot here and there

  • Mason has been scratching the insides of his ears causing little nicks (I've tried to keep his nails short but it's impossible!)

  • the dry weather has left the skin on his head really dry too

  • loves music! bought him his first guitar a few days ago

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