Island baby

YAY! Finally at week one of the 5th month, which puts me at week 18.  I love milestones!  So I got through another week and the weekend zipped by!  Saturday we accidentally slept in but were not late for our ferry which we were catching to Victoria.  It has been a while since I was there and a couple years for Clayton but we both have lived there and really miss it.

Luckily we didn't miss the boat but we did get on the ancient vessel (I prefer the new ones) and had the mandatory wait of 1hr 40 mins of sailing to my beloved island.  The ride wasn't too bad and we got into Victoria around 12:30ish and decided to head straight to lunch.  One of my fave lunch spots is "John's Place" on Pandora who has always a long line up but very yummy food.  I was sad to remember that they didn't serve real lunch on weekends, only brunch.  I really wanted a salad with their famous yogurt-dill dressing.  I settled for an omlette which I barely touched since Bumpy decided we weren't hungry (booo).  From lunch we navigated through busy Victoria traffic to Tillicum mall where the Baby Fair was being held at.

Earlier on in the week I was emailed to say I won one of their prizes - free entry and an organic bib.  Unfortunately they didn't have my prize ready at the door and they would mail it to me.  Clayton and I were overwhelmed by all the preggie bellies, newborns and wee ones in strollers as they flooded all around us at the fai

r.  The exhibits were decent and of course expensive as most of the stores were boutique.  I bought a onesie

and nothing else as I didn't want to go overboard, we mostly went there to look and get information.

Once I had my fill of all that was baby, we stopped off at Old Navy so I could check out new maternity clothes.  I found a cute wittle owl hat for bumpy!

And a sexy blackdress for Mummy!  It shows off my bump real well :)  After that we decided to go for a quick drive around the city and then off to Barb & Dale's (my Mom's best friend) for dinner and an overnight.  Barb has known me pretty much my entire life and I was her babysitter for the summers when I was a teenager.  My exposure to Victoria in that time is what made me want to move there from pretty much the age of 12 and I did get there in 1999 and left in 2001.  I've always wanted to go back and now it's pretty much the plan, just gotta wait a few years.  We had a lovely dinner and a great visit and were off in the morning to Sidney to visit with my Great Auntie Trudy and my 2nd Cousin Lisa.  We got slightly lost but found the restaurant alright and had a lengthy brunch (service wasn't the greatest) and then realized that we were going to miss the ferry if we didn't get going!  So we said our goodbyes and were back on the boat within an hour.

Clayton and I spent most of the time outside basking in the sunshine until the ferry kept turning and we'd lose our sun to the other side.  Eventually it got too cold and we headed to the car to finally drive home.

Not too much in the way of baby news in this post (sorry).  Next appt is on the 6th and we are hoping to make an appt for the next ultrasound to find out if I'm right and the little bump has a boy in it! Or if Clayton is right and he guessed his little girl is floating about.  We can't wait!!

Mexico is quickly approaching with our trip starting on Nov 7th, looking forward to the sun but not to the bathing suit shopping as I'll be as big as a whale ;)

Signing off for now...

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