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A bit of a delay due to holidays and starting a post, saving it as a draft and deleting it.  So here I am, first blog of 2009!  Last post was pre Christmas, so I will start there.  I only took one day off [December 23] in order to reserve a ferry to the Island (BC Ferries dropped their rates and reso's went in an hour).  Originally we were planning on leaving after work on the 24th but due to the reservation issue, I booked the 9 ferry on the 23rd.  Luckily the ferry was quick and we were hungry so we ate as soon as we boarded.  It's funny how pregnant women are drawn to other pregnent women and instantly strike up conversations.   Unfortunately I wasn't in the most chatty mood but was seeked out by a woman who looked to be early 20's and all of 100lbs.  She happened to mention in a 20 minute conversation a lot of info about herself, in fact she was pregnant (14 weeks?) and blah blah blah.  I tried to have a solo conversation with Clayton but she stared at me and giggled when I told a funny story to Clayton.  I find that rude! I wasn't making eye contact and was trying to imply that 'our' conversation was over and now it was time to talk to my dinner partner.   Oh well.

We got into Campbell River late and headed off to bed.  Christmas Eve was spent relaxing and I have to admit that I didn't leave the house for 3 whole days!  Not suprisingly I opened most of my presents on Christmas Eve, my intention was to have my parents open a few of theirs but you know how that goes...we also had Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve which was an amazing meal cooked and served by my Mommy.  My Maternal Grandparents (Mama & Papa) also joined us.  I gave them their present to open as well as I figured they wouldn't understand what it was if I wasn't there (It was a digital photo frame - preloaded with all the Gkids pics of course!).  This was a hit and I was excited to give it to them.  It was a very simple model, perfect for Gparents :)  I also got a chance to visit my Dad's Mom and show her the pics of Mason's 3D ultrasound which she's never seen before.  It was a neat moment and she is excited to be a G-Grama

Unfortunately I didn't have any energy to venture out and visit out friends as I had intended - my apologies to anyone who I 'should have' seen while in the Riv.  Next visit will be in May maybe and I'll bring Mason along too :)  Even though we were in town until the 27th, time flew by as usual and it was time to pack up all the prezzies and head back to the Mainland.  Blaming this entirely on 'Mommy Brain', I booked the wrong ferry and ended up with no reservations.  Surprisingly I didn't need them but was not impressed that there stupid system did not pick up on the fact that my 'return' trip was in the same direction as the first and I lost out on $15.00.  Oh well.  The ferries were not busy as they should have been for the holidays, perhaps people were afraid of driving in the snow?

Hmmm I haven't said much about the wee baby since this *is* a baby here is the update.  Mason is now at 31 weeks - 4 days gestation and I am surprised at how strong his little legs are.  The books all say his fetal activity should be decreasing as his living space is getting smaller however I am getting more kicks, punchese and stretches daily.  I don't mind for the most part, getting jabs near the ribs make me a bit nervous or when he drops low and kicks Mommy's bladder (very uncomfortable!)  I'm just happy to know he's happy squirming around in there!

I was back to work this last Monday and worked a full day on Tuesday and only a half day on Wednesday.  Clayton and I didn't have any plans for NYE and due to my ever decreasing energy levels, it's really hard to plan anything out.  I also had the joy of purchasing the rest of Masey's nursery furniture (Clayton is doing a wonderful job painting the nursery.  Here is the color -


'Fawn's Leap' SU78 by Ralph Lauren in 'Suede' texture finish.

The room is going to be gorgeous when it is done and will be decorated with this furniture:

ariel - Stork Craft  'Ariel' Stages Crib in Espresso

hollie - Stork Craft 'Hollie' Change Table in Espresso

bedding - 'Boutique Safari Jungle Animals' - 10 Piece Nursery Set

I cannot wait to set this all up!  A big thanks to Mason's Daddy for painting cause Mommy can't.

So NYE was spent cuddling with the love of my life, with our pets and watching a movie until late.  New Years Day was spent relaxing and today I finally felt cooped up so I headed out this morning to start my to do list!  First stop - Lab test. I was a bad girl and didn't get to the lab to get my Gestational Diabetes test from two weeks ago so it got postponed until today.  I blame the weather and shortened office hours!  I was told that it would take an hour to complete and figured I could go there, drink the drink and then take off for an hour.  Apparently not.  I was told I had to stay on site.  Ugh.  So back to the partking meter which ended up costing me $5.25 for 45 mins (Stupid downtown parking fees!) and after drinking my 'orange pop' I read what little magazines they had (I didn't think I needed my book) and was entertained by another patient who was around 28 weeks with a little boy prenamed 'Isaac'.  She was pretty chatty and the time went quickly.  I showed her Mason's pic and sure enough another lady (who wasn't preggers) overheard, wanted to see the pic and share the story of her daughter who just found out she is having twins.  Pregnant women are magnets for baby converesations!  Finally my hour was up and I gave them some blood and out the door I went.  Two hours later I had lunch, ran my errands including setting up Masey's first bank account :)

Next prenatal appt is January 6th with Mason's delivery doctor - Dr. Michael Farmer out of the same clinic.  Dr. Robinson ahrobinson_002is still going to be my doctor but he no longer delivers babies so we'll passed along to Dr Farmer from 32 weeks to birth.  Appointments are every two weeks now :)
That's all folks!

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