Here I grow again!

I realized that I haven't blogged about Mason's developments in a while so here are a bunch of new things for month 7 & 8.

  • Laying on stomach to look under things (like the bed - where the kitty is hiding, under the desk - where a toy rolled)

  • Loves to eat teething biscuits and will occupy him for at least 1/2, they are SO damn messy though :(

  • Crawls faster and pants when he sees something he really wants (to annoy the dog, something silver and shiny)

  • When Mommy isn't looking, dumps the dogs water dish all over our cork flooring.  Fun. (Poppy is making us a dog crate dish holder - pics will be uploaded in two weeks)

  • Likes to look at himself in the mirror

  • Is going through bouts of teething pains, the hyland teething tablets seem to help him sleep.  The hylands teething gel isn't as effective as the Anbesol

  • Tries to stand up at every chance he gets and will put himself in a downward dog yoga pose when crawling

  • Is no longer super smily when he sees new faces

  • Started sleeping on his tummy this week (which is a great position for him falling asleep on his own, he'll 'cry' for five mins and pass out)

  • Still eating like a champ, will eat any fruit/custard but will not eat carrots, peas or corn

  • Can climb a stair (just one, so far) *update* was able to master any staircase by Oct 26!

  • Claps his hands

  • Says Mommmmmm, Da da & ba ba

  • Is now scaling furniture!

  • I think that's it!

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