An Ocean Wonder

We are never good with surprises in our family, we cannot handle the suspense so for as long as I can remember, Christmas came early in our household.  Presents were doled out days, sometimes weeks before Dec 25th.  Of course there was the 'excuses' that went along with it (to justify the reason for the early gift) "You could use it now" to "I want to see the look on your face!"  No complaints from my Brother or I, we *love* getting gifts hehe.  Well I honestly prefer giving them for the same reason, it's fun!

So my Mom and Dad buy a few Christmas gifts for Mason which they have tucked in his 'bedroom' at their house.  Of course two of them make their way out and to Mason's little hands!

The first new prezzie for Mason is the Fisher-Price Once Wonders Aquarium.

I had been eyeing this item for a while as I thought Mason might enjoy having something to sooth him to sleep.  We still have the music box portion of his mobile and the noise box but he needs something visual to zone out to.  Once we finally got it out of the box, it was pretty neat looking.  Lots of buttons and two plastic straps and a tie to secure it to the crib.  It has three sound levels, 18 mins of music play, and comes with a remote to reactivate the aquarium from a distance.

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