Almost there...

I realized that I didn't write last week and that's because I thought I had.  I actually wrote a private post which was a letter to Mason.  I talk to him constantly however I wanted something in writing to describe what I've felt about the events over the past 7 months.  I'm not sure if I'll ever show it to him, not sure he will really care to see the mushy side of Mommy but we'll see.

Since last post, not a lot has happened.  Clayton and I finished the nursery (less the rewiring) and are very happy with the finished product!


The only thing that is missing is the new mobile I bought which is now set up.  When I saw it online I absolutely had to have it!  I was lucky enough to get it on sale at Toys R Us!  It has 4 music settings - Beethoven, Bach, Mozart and jungle noises.  The leaves go up and down and it's really cute to watch.  I hope Mason likes it!

Now that the nursery is done, I'm just purchasing last minute things that I *think* I need before Mason arrives.  The crib mattress and car seat arrive next week.  I was one of the 'lucky' ones who was part of the Storkcraft recall:  I was panicky at first because I thought we had to disassemble the crib and take it back but it turns out it was only the metal brackets that were an issue (and not even so, someone had probably stepped in the crib or put unreasonable stress on the brackets) and they deemed them to be too weak per industry standards.  Which Storkcraft denies but recalled them anyhow.  It took me amost two days to be able to log onto their website and request the brackets by email.  Hopefully they'll show up before we actually start using the crib.

We are now on weekly visits to Dr. Farmer and the last appointment was pretty routine however one thing that was discussed was my registration at BC Women's Hospital. which the Dr asked if I had registered.  I explained that I had filled out the paperwork in July in his office and they had taken care of the rest.  He ended up faxing it off again just to make sure.  The nexxt day I rec'd a call from his office stating that the test results I had done in that visit were sent to BC Women's and they got a nasty call back stating I wasn't registered.  I was not impressed.  Do they not use fax confirmations?  This is 6 months later and I find this out now? Not a happy preggo.  I'm going to call on Monday to get an update, they did assure me that the Dr. would push the registration but who knows.  I can't imagine them not taking me, it's not like we are booking an actual date.  Babies have their own schedules.  The test that I had done was the Group B streptococcus (GBS) which is pretty standard but I have yet to receive the results.

Other than that, little Mason continues to be a very active baby.  I feel him at least once an hour which is extremely comforting, he doesn't have a lot of room in the belly but still makes attempts to squirm around and give me some good kicks.  Sleeping has been good and bad, I'm finding it hard on my hips as my weight has increased a bit in the last two weeks (gained 4 lbs) which brings me up to 18lbs gained.  Lots of pressure in my pelvis as Mason lays mostly in the head down position (yay!) but flips constantly (he's my little pancake).  His hiccups continue a few times a week but I'm noticing they last a lot longer.  He's just like his Daddy - he eats too fast.  :)   My belly measured a bit higher than normal (I was average up until last visit) so Mason is packing on the pounds lol.  Perhaps he won't be a small baby after all!

When I was 18 I thought I'd start planning for my 'future' children by purchasing baby items over the years.  I've got quite the little collection and had left the box at my parents since I've moved so much over the years.  It was always neat to see how much I had purchased over the years.  There is baby clothes, books, toys etc.  I left the box on the Island and said I would bring it back with me during our Xmas visit but we forgot.  So I asked my Mom to bring it with her when she comes for the birth but they couldn't find it.  Today she called and said that Dad had not only found the box but a few boxes of my baby clothes as well.  Our little Cowichan sweaters and other items my Grandmothers had knitted, I can't wait to see them!

So other than that, we are finishing up week 34 and are soon approaching the 9 month mark on Feb 3.  Hooray!  Lots of discussion over whether I will be early or late.  My Mom says 2 weeks early, my Dad says 1 week and Clayton says 1 week late.  I'm not sure myself.  I wouldn't mind being done sooner but I want him to be ready and healthy!  Guess only Mason knows!

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