A typical day in my life - by Mason

I kept Mommy up a few times last night.  I typically wake up at 3:30 every morning for fun! I even got a bottle, not sure I was hungry but I drank it.  Heehee.  I then had a bit of a cat nap and woke up when Daddy was ready to get up for work at 6am.  Daddy did the routine stuff, you know...changed my diaper, fed me breakfast (cereal and some pureed fruit!) and then we played and I got tons of hugs and kisses.  Just when I'm having so much fun playing with my toys, Daddy whisks me back off to bed.  I usually sleep til 9ish but today I woke up at 8am! I figured instead of crying I'd just play in my crib a little. When Mommy walked in my room she caught me trying to climb up my mobile! Busted!  When Mommy comes to get me each morning she sings me a special song.  It goes like this, "Good Morning, good morning, I love you! Good Morning....Did you have a good sleep? Did you have a good sleep".  I like that song!  Then back into the living room I go where I get to play with my toys again!  Mommy usually puts me in my Piano playstation cause I'm just waking up.  Then once I get bored of that I usually yell at her to take me out!  I've got a bunch of toys to play with on the floor!  These are my toys!


Around 9am I start to get a bit whiny cause YO MOM I'm hungry! So Mommy makes me a bottle.  I used to have these great little plastic bottles to drink outta but I need more milk so now I have these huge honkin glass bottles which are clearly too heavy for my little hands.  But I'll get stronger! Cause I drink my milk right?  After my breakfast snack I play some more and then Mom carries me back into my room.  I'm not happy with this.  She puts me in that cage like thing called a Crib and that's when I'm pissed. I.don't.want.to.sleep! I try to tell her but she says I need a nap cause I'm cranky.  Whatever that means!  About an hour later I'm up again and it's playtime YAY! I've gotten bored of my 'baby' toys so I go exploring the living room to find some real toys.  My favorite is Daddy's guitar! I love hearing him play.  It's sitting in a stand so I can't quite get it but I'm able to reach the strings and play a nice tune.  Mommy usually drags me away though.  So off I go to find something else.  I've realized that I'm almost small enough to fit in the coffee table, look at all the dust! Unfortunately my head doesn't quite fit under and it makes me mad! Mommy usually drags me away from this too!  I really like shiny things, especially shiny SILVER things.  Like the knobs on the desk, the remote control for the tv, the dog water and food dish (which I'm happy to dump all over the floor!) the digital camera if Mommy leaves it where I can reach it.  You know what else I *love*??? I LOVE cords.  And lucky for me there are a ton of internet cables hidden all over the room.  Sometimes I sneak a peak at one and then rush over so I can pull at it.  But Mommy usually drags me away.  Something about 'not being a baby toy'  WHATEVER Mom!  I also found a wonderful basket of goodies.  Some weird bone shaped thing and some other things that smell like the Dog.  Hershey doesn't mind me rooting though his stuff though!  All this playin' makes a boy hungry.  YO MOM I'm hungry!

Lunch time!!!  I love lunch time! Mom puts me in the high chair and I get to watch a few minutes of tv while she makes me some yummy food.  I also love pitching my toys off the tray onto the floor, Mommy loves getting them for me.  But then I throw them back on the floor...SUCKER!  haha.  For lunch I get a veggie and then a fruit for dessert.  I hate hate hate peas and carrots.  GROSS!  Green beans is my favorite and I say mmmmm when I eat them.  Yummers.  Then it's dessert time which is really fruit but I like fruit.  My favorite is blueberries! My favorite is really anything fruit like.  There hasn't been one I didn't like!  Then after foodies I get another bottle.  I like my milk.  After lunch Mommy puts me in some sort of outfit and we head down and get the mail.  I like trying to push the elevator buttons!  The afternoons are different every day!  Sometimes we take Hershey dog to the park and I get to hang out in the Baby Bjorn and look at EVERYTHING! I like it.  Sometimes we meet up with my friend Sienna for a walk around Confederation Park.  She's a GIRL.  Girls have cooties.  She always is sleepin' when I'm awake.  When Mommy and I stay home on a rainy day, I get to roll around on the bed while Mommy reads me stories.  I like turning the pages!  Then before I know it, it's back to bed I go.  I have no clue how she knows I'm sleepy!  Smart Mommy.  I have a nice nap and when I wake up the house is magically clean!  Amazing!  And so I play some more.  I like playing. My tummy is grumbling...YO MOM I'm hungry!  Time for dinner :)  Dinner is just like lunch but different.  Maybe squash and peaches for dessert and of course my baba.  Before I know it, Daddy is home!  Hershey is excited too!  Daddy's big arms pick me up and give me hugs and kisses.  I've missed Daddy.  He's gone all day and I wish he could be home with Mommy and me to play!  I get to sit at the big peoples table in my high chair and sit with Daddy and Mommy while they eat their big people foods.  I try to reach for their plate but for some reason they don't like when I do that?  Mommy and Daddy sure eat fast when I cry out!  It's funny.  Haha.  It takes Mommy so long to make a dinner and only seconds to eat it.  Weird.

After dinner is my special time with Daddy.  Mommy goes to read a book or watch tv and Daddy and I get to have fun!  I LOVE it when Daddy plays me songs on the guitar.  Sometimes he sings!  I like it when Daddy sings to me.  Sometimes we take Hershey to the park, I like to watch Hershey chase the ball.  I love my Daddy!  Then after a trip to the park, we come home and Daddy makes a bath!  Bath time is great!  I get to swim and kick my legs and play with the little squirty animals that float in the water!  Daddy makes me all soapy and then cleans me all up!  Mommy sometimes comes in the bathroom to visit.  She sits on the toilet like a chair.  Silly Mommy.  Then Daddywraps me up in a big big fluffy towel and puts my medicine stuff on my itchies.  I HATE this.  I don't like lotion!  Then Daddy puts me into my jammies.  I am now ready for bed!  I get a kiss goodnight from Mommy and Daddy and back in the crib I go!  Sometimes I don't wanna go to sleep and I protest and protest but eventually the sandman comes and off to dreamy land I go.  I sometimes have bad dreams and I wake up for Mommy or Daddy a few times before Mommy and Daddy go to bed.  Then at 1:30am I don't want to sleep anymore so I yell for Mommy.  Then at 3:30am I do it again!  Sometimes I'm itchy and it makes me wake up.  Sometimes I'm cold cause I kicked all the blankets off me! and sometimes I'm hungry.  And sometimes I just wake up for the hell of it!  Oh the life of being a baby!   Thanks for reading about my day!

Mason Harbour                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          7 Months old.

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