Legoland 2023 - Day 4

We purchased a 3 day Disneyworld pass but Mason also wanted to visit Legoland.  We did visit LL when we went to Disneyland.  I am hoping it's not a duplicate as it's an hour away.  I pre-purchased the tickets from Expedia as they were discounted from $220.45 USD / $300.68 to $173.00 CAD.  I am purchasing the parking now at $29.99 USD a day.

In researching on the Legoland website, they do have a DAS pass (Hero Pass) which appears to be provided onsite (unlike DW where you can request it pre-arrival).  

After a good sleep, we had a slower start as the weather looked nice and we didn't have to rush out the door to take advantage of the sun.

I wish I had printed out google maps to avoid the $12/day Roam like Home Fido plan.  In the car we go.  1 hour 9 minutes from the hotel.  I note that I am getting low on gas.

Mason was bored so he wanted to debate.  I tried to pick non politics questions as it's not my favourite topic, so we settled on:

1. Should we continue to bury people in caskets or stop because it's not great use of land and the boxes are not good for the environment.  Same question for cremation.  Do you want to be thrown in the dirt and come back as a tree?

2. Should transgendered people participate in the Olympics especially if they have a differently built body that could put them at an advantage

We arrive at Legoland and grab our printed passes (Since I bought them from Expedia, I couldn't add them to the app).  The parking was close to the entrance even though there was preferred parking at a higher cost.  Parking was $29.99 USD / $34.98 CAD.  First come, first serve.  There were no parking attendants (Disney had them) to direct you to a spot.  We make note of where we parked to avoid the mishap we had yesterday).

After being scanned in, we made our way to Guest Services to pick up our Hero Pass.  Which surprisingly was a paper card.  Very old school.  Mason announces he doesn't want to go on rides.  Sigh.  So we start walking.  I observe there aren't as many lego structures as there were in Disneyland.  He wants to head into a Build It center.  I say no, it's too early for him to play and me to just sit there.  We continue to walk through the sections.  Mason seems bored and not engaged.  We didn't purchase passes to the water park.  We look at some exhibits and take pictures.  About 15 mins later, he asks if we are done.  DONE? we just got here?!.  I ask him if he wants to go on rides, he says no.


I decide it's lunch time for me, so I head into a burger place.  It's self serve with a giant screen.  I choose a kids meal so we can get more water.  $9.99USD / $13.48 CAD for a cheeseburger and fries and a mini Dasani.  The burger was homemade and had white (cheddar cheese).  It was a bit bland but probably a good thing for a kid.  Fries weren't bad.

We start walking and I end up lecturing Mason explaining that no we can't just leave, he ASKED to come to this park knowing what it was like.  We ended up in another loop and realized after less than an hour, we saw the whole thing.  I am upset.  I spent close to $300CAD to come to this park and it was a total waste of time and money.  

We walk to the car in silence.  I explain that next time we plan an adventure for him, he needs to really want to go.

Another 1hr++ drive back to the hotel, we hit a lot of construction traffic.  People in Florida drive kinda crazy, they don't signal and are a bit aggressive.  We witnessed a close call accident when a driver in our lane moved to the right and didn't give enough space.  

 Back to the hotel to rest.  I want to go use up our free passes for the waterpark.  We get 4 days worth but we are leaving on Saturday.  Tomorrow is our last full day and we'll be at Epcot center.  

Mason wants to nap, so I figure we'll head out at 3pm.  3pm turns into 4 and by 4:45pm we are out the door with our beach gear.  We need to drive because the water park is at the front of the property and it's HUGE.  We get to the car and I forget the passes.  Back up to the room.  The key card doesn't work.  Back down to the car to get the other keycard.  Grab the passes, get in the car.  There is a mass exodus leaving the property and it's single file.   Finally get parked and head to the concierge desk.   He wants ID.  I didn't bring ID for the pool, Mason doesn't have his either.  We verify our identify with my phone # and 'zip code'.  Card is replaced.  I ask where the desk is to redeem our vouchers for the park passes.   He states the pool closes in less than an hour, I correct him and state the website says 7pm.  He says sorry, the desk is closed.  Please come back tomorrow.    There are a ZILLION 'desks' in the lobby and none of them can allow us in the waterpark?  No.   Man, am I not happy.  I tell Mason that we can go to the regular pool, it's still warm out.  He doesn't want to.  We both wanted to float in the lazy river.  It's one of the main reasons we picked this hotel.  

We drive back to the hotel.  Mason is now doing dishes and I'm eating my dinner from last night.  Rubbery microwaved steak. I doubt the rest of this day (T-4 hours until bedtime) is going to be exciting so I'll end this post now.  There are other attractions near the hotel like Ripley's Believe it or Not but Mason declined and if I've learned anything about parenting a teen, especially one with ADHD is that it is POINTLESS to drag them to something they don't want to go.  They will complain and it will cost me money.


I was wrong, there was more to post about.  It started DOWNPOURING at 5:45pm lol.  

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