My own jellyfish

Another Pinterest project.  This was a quick one but not as easy as it looks!


I had an empty Dasani water bottle and found a semi translucent plastic bag (which is rare cause I usually recycle em).  Peeling the label off I realized the side of the bottle was ridged which wasn't ideal cause it was hard to see thru.  Next I cut up the bag like the website stated but getting the head just right took a lot of attempts.  Outside the bottle it's easy but once it's full of water it is very difficult to stuff back into the opening of the bottle.  I managed to push it through and then fill it up a bit more and tie it off only to discover it didn't' sink.  So I constantly pulled it out, filled it and stuffed it back again only for it to stay floating!  Finally I got frustrated and decided to add a few teaspoons of basmati rice to weigh it down.  That worked.  

Then I threw in the food coloring and voila! a floaty jelly fish which amused my child for about 30 seconds.

Worth the effort? Not for will probably get recycled in a day or so.  lol

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