The Apple Barn

A holiday weekend! As we approach into fall, so many things to do.  The weather called for 100% rain today but I was thinking positive thoughts and decided to check out a corn maze.

Google suggested a kids website (which I cannot recall the name of) that provided 4 different farms to visit.  Out of the four, I selected The Apple Barn based on geography, price and activities.

I packed us up with backpack, diapers stuff, water, snacks, camera and a spare shopping bag for purchases.  I dressed us warm with full on boots as I predicted the ground would be mucky.

Grabbed the address off Google maps and away we went to Abbotsford.  An hour drive and half way through…downpour.  Sigh.  I was already ‘out’ there and was trying to rack my brain on other things to do..indoors.  I didn’t want to drive all this way for nothing.  I stopped in a parking lot down the street from the Seven Oaks mall to check my phone for Mason’s blog to see what indoor activities there were on his ‘Outings’ page.  Only one was listed and it appeared to be outdoors as well.  With it being lunch time, I figured it was better to eat and then figure out what to do.  I asked Mason if he wanted pizza since I had a free meal for him courtesy of Boston Pizza.  They have a promotion on right now – donate $5 and get 5 kids meals free!

Mason didn’t want pizza (figures) and so the next easy thing to eat…sushi.  Yep, he was cool with that.  So I Googled sushi places but had no idea where they were in proximity to where we were so I just started to drive up the street and sure enough we found one!

Sui Sha Ya Japanese restaurant [260 - 32500 South Fraser Way].  Had an open sign lit up (bonus) and it was AUCE!  The place was fairly busy and had a smaller menu but the price was perfect.  $12.95 for me and Mason ate free!  The interior was typical of a Japanese restaurant however there was a large-ish tv over our head with the sound on which was distracting with the music playing.  We had a very tasty lunch (although the gomae portions were tiny) and the menu had quite a few spelling errors on it.  Gomea and Cumcumber.  Mmmmm. 

Once we were done and out the door, we were pleasantly surprised that the rain had stopped! So off to the farm we went! The driving instructions I had as per Google Maps were simple, exit 87 and a few turns.  Well of course I exit the highway going East when I should have gone West.  Find my exit and I have instructions to turn left (North) but in fact I should have turned right (South).  So we were a bit off course after I drove 7 mins in the wrong direction before running out of road.  Got turned around and found our destination.  I hate you, Google maps. You suck.

I kind of expected with the rain and a holiday that the farm would have been quite empty but I was very wrong.  The parking lot was full! However there is overflow and street parking.  I was glad I wore rubber boots because the mud was slick!  My car even slid in the parking lot! 

We could hear music in the distance and Mason quickly got excited to see where we were going!  Once inside the gates, we paid our entrance fee. 

A very reasonable $3.50+tax for me and Mason was free admission.  This fee also included a fun pass for the hayride and other activities.

Masey spied this bouncy thing so we headed there first, took off boots and socks (the pillow was dirty) and off he went.  Didn’t last long as the other kids were a bit older (and heavier) and his little jumps because big bounces and he started to cry.  Luckily a little boy helped him off the pillow and into my arms.  Poor dude.

Next we wandered into one of the buildings where they had trikes on a little track and a zipline (Age 7+) then Mason and I went down a slide that warned ‘very fast’.  So I went down with him, the funny thing was there was no give.  I had to ‘push’ us down the slide! How boring! 

Then we headed over to the tractor for the hayride.  It was well covered and had comfy haystacks to sit on.  Our Driver Nate told us to keep seated while he drove and away we went!

We made a quick stop to wander around the pumpkin field and pick our soon to be carved friend. 

The prices varied based on size but we wouldn’t know how much it cost until we got back to the little stores.  The ride was about 15 mins.   There was a pumpkin weighing station and it said our pumpkin cost $4.00, I have no clue if that is cheap or not!  We then wandered the ‘store’ and browsed at the apple cider, jams, pickles, honey and other treats.  And of course produce, peppers and APPLES! I grabbed a bag of Gala (my fave) for $5.00 (12 apples).  I also grabbed a pear (I believe Bartlett). 

We took a wander into the petting zoo and said hello to goats, llama’s, bunnies and pigs. 


Then back outside to a small playground:

and took a pic of Mason as a piggy:


and walked past the food booths (we didn’t stop), used their portable washrooms (pretty fancy – one had a small room with change table.  Thanks!)  There was a pony ride but we chose not to as Mason already got to ride a Pony at the other farm and this one was a bit more $5.00. 

We stopped to take a pic of the rusty old car that resembled Mater!

There was a tractor in the front with a huge pile of pumpkins!

As soon as we headed back to the front gate, it started to rain and that was my cue to head back to the car!  Back through the muck.

 I have to say that visiting this farm was well worth it and you can’t beat the price!  On a beautiful day it would have been better and the only other thing we didn’t get to check out was the corn maze! Mason refused to go down the long corn corridor lol.

 If you go:


Address: 333 Gladwin Road, Abbotsford, BC

September U-Pick Apples, Applebarn Store, Petting Barn, Hayrides, Pumpkin Patch, Ponyrides, and Jumping Pillow

Nov 18-Dec 23: Christmas festivities at the Apple Barn.

U-Pick Farm: 270 Gladwin Rd.

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