Koko's Activity Centre

Mason and I decided to trek out to our neighbour city and check out Koko's as it's one of our 'things to do before Mason turns 3'.

It easy easy to find as it's on the main road in Port Moody (St. Johns Street). We enter the decent sized parking lot to see that it's quite full.  Guess everyone else had the same idea for an overcast Saturday. I then saw parents packing children and wrapped gifts with them to the entrance.  Uh oh, maybe not a great day to visit this centre, it's going to be a zoo!

We decided to check it out anyhow.  Once we were inside, we noticed it was very similar to the Let's Play! Centre in Edmonton.  We waited in a huge area in front of the counter and noticed many staff zipping around.  I paid the $7.99+tax entrance fee for Mason (1-3 years) and my fee was free :)  I had to sign a waiver (which I hardly read).  Then they put a wrist band on me and one on Mason's ankle.  Once inside, we found a cubby to store our jackets and shoes.  Socks are required and if you come in sandals, they sell socks for $2.99 a pair. 

Mason wanted to try out the Toddler area first which is gated.  It is best for kids who want to crawl or run around.  Lots of large foam pieces for building castles (and safe enough for when they are knocked over on your child).  Two small slides for the little tots and a 3 sided activity centre for those who would rather stay stationary and play.

Didn't take long before Mason wanted out of the cage and into the large play structure.  It's recommended for kids older than 4 so if your child is under this age, you need to go with them.  For the most part you are crawling through tubes, climbing up tubes (with rubber 'stoppers') and going through a maze of up and down.  Besides being passed by children, you'll meet up with the occasional exhausted parent who too is complaining of sore knees, shifted undies (the mommies) and trying to keep up with their kid who is now on the other side.  For Mason, I had to keep pretty close to him as there is danger of him falling through crawl 'holes' or going down huge spiral slides at mach 3. 

Despite 3 or 4 simultaneous birthday parties going on, the place had ample room for all the kids and parents.  There was a section in the middle that had coin operated 'rides' (like the kind at the grocery store or mall).  It said it took tokens which I didn't have, so Mason got to sit on stationary animals and choo choo trains.  He didn't seem to care.

After 45 mins of play time, I handed to their little cafeteria to check out the menu.  It's pretty basic for kids appetites and had vegetarian options.  Only $2.50 for a grilled cheese! $5.95 for a veggie burger for me including fries.  We waited about 15 mins for our food which was a bit too long considering there were no other customers but the food came hot and it tasted pretty decent.  Mason didn't like the fries but ate half of his sandwich.  We didn't stay too much longer as it was approaching naptime.  A few more trips around the hamster tubes and we headed to the exit.

We hit a gate and I tried to figure out how to unlatch it.  The cashier was busy with customers.  When I got her attention she said that she had to do it.  She took off our wristbands and inputted a # printed on them into their computer system.  I  liked it.  They could account for every kid leaving.

I would recommend Koko's to other parents with kids up to 12.  They offered other programs such as art and daycamps for the older kids.  The place was clean (including the washrooms) and all the kids seem to be having fun.

The downside? It's painful for the parents, literally.  I have bruises to prove it!


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