Growing up too fast!

Another year zips by and now that January is over it's time to start birthday planning for monkey.  The big f-o-u-r.  I get weepy just thinking of how quickly ages 1, 2 & 3 went by and now Mason has one year and a half of daycare before he's in *gasp* kindergarten (which I used to think was soooo far away).

Each year we try to celebrate in a different way.  Below is a picture of  Mason on each of his birthdays!

Birth day - BC Women's & Children's Hospital, Vancouver, BC.

Birth day - Feb 21 2009 at 8:05am.  7lb 2oz and 21 inches long.

His baby shower was a month later...our neighbour Rebecca arranged a mini photoshoot of the three of us:

March 21, 2009

Photography by Rebecca Blissett Photography

Mason's 1st birthday was a family & friends affair.  We decided that in lieu of presents from the guests we would collect donations for the food bank.


Feb 2010 

Birthday #2 we had at Mason's 1st daycare.

 Feb 2011

A monkey theme with cupcakes made by Mommy & Daddy

Last year we had Mason's 3rd birthday at his Dad's house with his little friends from school.

Feb 2012

Digging into his cake Mommy made!

For the last birthday Mason received a ton of gifts and his two rooms quickly filled up.  While it's a lot of fun for kids to open presents, he just had Christmas and we felt that the focus should be on celebrating and having fun opposed to the assumption that he'd received gifts.  We decided to contribute to the food bank again and host the party at Go Banana's.  Mason initially wanted a robot theme and so I am going to bake cupcakes and have a few balloons.  Nothing overly fancy, Mason's enjoyment will be running around in a giant play structure surrounded by friends and family who love him.  

Planning a birthday party is quite a bit of work!  Deciding on a location, food, cake, decorations, gifts, attendees and trying to stick to a budget can be a bit stressful.   Luckily I have  plenty of time to coordinate the details and have already put my deposit  for the venue.  We still have a few weeks to prepare food and last minute details.

Will post pics from the party and the cupcakes after the 24th.

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