Mason builds a birdhouse is quickly becoming one of the hottest new social media sites and I have been pinning a few craft ideas to "Mason's Life" over the past few months.  Today was somewhat of an ugly day which means perfect for crafting.












I happen to have a 2 litre milk container in the fridge so I ended up pouring the milk into sippy cups for the week and got it ready for a food receptacle for birdies.

This isn't a hard project, just a lot of little steps.

Step 1 - Clean out the container and put aside to dry

Step 2 - Get your paint supplies ready! I used a foam brush which I bought at the dollar store ($1.00 for a set of three different sizes) which I figured would be easier for Mason to hold not to mention would have more coverage than a bristle brush.

Step 3 - Purchase some bird seed.  I didn't want a 5lb bag so I called a local pet store which happened to have an 8 oz. container of 'Songbird buffet' for $2.99. 

Step 4 - Put it all together.  Cut hole, paint, insert peg or twig (we used a twig).  Attach string and add seed. 

I did a few extra's.  I used packing tape to cover the painted surface as the minute it rains, the house would be a muted mess.  I also taped the twig to inside the house as the weight of the bird would lower the twig.  And I put the seed down over some tin foil which covered the twig inside the house.

I hung it up by the stairs at our entrance so we can watch our new friends have a tasty treat from our window.

Now we wait for our guests!








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