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Disneyworld - Day 5

Last day in Orlando!

I woke up at 7am EST.  Not ideal but that is when my brain was done sleeping.  I decided to let Mason sleep in til 9 as he was pretty tired and we had a storm last night and I figured the weather might be less sunny which was not an incentive to rush out the door.

We lef…

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Legoland 2023 - Day 4

We purchased a 3 day Disneyworld pass but Mason also wanted to visit Legoland.  We did visit LL when we went to Disneyland.  I am hoping it's not a duplicate as it's an hour away.  I pre-purchased the tickets from Expedia as they were discounted from $220.45 USD / $300.68 to $173.00 CAD.  I am purch…

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Disneyworld 2023 - Day 3

After a good nights rest, we woke up normal EST time but in our heads it was 6:30am.   A bit hard for Mason to wake up at noon let alone prior to 7am.  I had breakfast on our balcony:


I made him breakfast and we were out the door headed back to DW.  I was excited to see Hollywood Stu…

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Disneyworld 2023 - Day 1 & 2

Okay so it's been a little while since I posted last. 

I think the last time Mason had a vacation with me was in Nov 2015 (not sure if I even blogged about it in here).  In 2019 I went solo to Belize and Guatemala and then the pandemic happened.  It's been a long three years without an overseas …

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