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The fear of the unknown

Usually vacations are happy times but this time it's different.  Mostly because its Mason's vacation time and I'm not going with him.

I've had a while to prepare for the emotion that comes along with having Mason away from me for more than the usual week (which is hard enough) and nothing really ma…

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Mason Harbour - Age Survey

Every year on Mason's birthday starting at age 3, I will ask him the same questions and see how his answers change over the years! 

1. What is your favorite color? Blue | Blue | Pink

2. What is your favorite toy? My Robot** | Garbage Truck | Lego 

3. What is your favorite fruit? Banana | Orange…

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Party Preppin’

Masey’s 3rd birthday and I want to do something special.  I began by researching venues and was quickly frustrated by the lack of options a month in advance so I wrote this blog about it.

The end result was to have a Pirates & Princess party in Clayton’s building which has a free party room.  We…

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Vancouver Maritime Museum

I just realized today that our deadline for Mason's giant list of things to do before he turns 3 is coming up on Feb 21st!  We managed to cross off 19 adventures! 

Today we visited the Vancouver Maritime Museum.   There is ample parking beside the museum but bring your change or credit card as yo…

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