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A trip to see the fishies

Earlier this week I decided to pull Mason out of daycare to play ‘hooky’ and spend the day with me.  I figured it would be fun to check out some of the kids activities when they weren’t so busy.

Unfortunately I left it to the last minute to figure out what we were going to do.  I thought mayb…

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An old maid? I think not!

As I sit down to eat my lunch, my eyes gaze to the headline in the newspaper:

More BC Mom over 35 having babies.

Great, good to know that having a baby past your 30’s is not a deterrent based on age.

Then I read this line:

"These OLDER moms face riskier pregnancy".


I am 34 freaki…

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The Almighty Blankie

One of the firsts gifts a newborn usually receives is a baby blanket.  Several actually.  They end up covered in pee, poo and barf so you must rotate. 

Mason had a nice collection of soft blankies from family and friends but of course there was one he 'really' loves. 

A blue 'marshmallow' blan…

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Absence of a Child

I can guarantee I cried while writing this.  I haven’t even finished the first sentence and I have ‘that’ feeling starting again.

This is a touchy subject but I felt compelled to write about it for two reasons; my personal experience and the abduction of Kienan Hebert.  From one extreme to an…

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Crayola Bathtub Markers

As I hop into the shower, I stare down at the package of new Bathtub markers I recently bought Mason that he hasn’t had a chance to use.  So instead of doing my morning shower routine, I thought I’d doodle in the tub lol.

 The package said 3+.  Mason is 2.5.

 I bought these at Fred Meyer in…

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Don't judge me for judging

I really enjoy conversation. 

I love when others question my words and my thoughts which in turn has me sitting there re-thinking about what I just said and changes my perception based on their words.  I think this is called learning.  And it can’t happen unless I share.  Keeping everything to mys…

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