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Photo Shoot & The PNE

Recently I signed up for a ‘perk’ on, a new website for Independent Parents (aka Single Parents) to have a photography session with Lynda Allen Photography.  She is based out of Campbell River but made the trek over to Vancouver for the shoot.

An amazing deal – an outdoor setting, g…

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What a weekend!

I can't bare to spend one more sunny weekend in Vancouver so albeit a short trip, Mason and I took off to Vancouver Island this past Friday.   I knew it would be one of those hello, goodbye trips but well worth it.  I reserved the boat going over but not coming back as I wasn't sure what time we wou…

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Managing the Monsters

It happened all of a sudden.  The word 'monster' populated Mason's vocabulary throughout the day, then the week.  He talked about the 'monsters' getting him and I wondered if this was a general conversation at school.  It delayed bedtime as we had to check under the bed for the 'monsters' and I even…

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