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Fathers Day 2011

In addition to the awesome Father’s Day art that Mason made his Daddy at daycare, Mason also wanted to do something special.  I thought it would be a great opportunity to create some art with mason and have a treasure for Clayton to have from his Son. 

So today last week headed to Cowboys & Ang…

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Fathers Day 2011 - A tribute to Daddy

Mason and Clayton are very close and are best friends. 


It's amazing how time flies, so I wanted to capture all of the photos of the two of them to date with a special song.

The song is Little Guy by Gord Bamford (available on iTunes)

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Lessons in Anatomy

Last night Mason and I were cuddling in bed.  I was trying to calm him down for sleep and he pointed at my chest and said ‘boobies’.  So I figured this would be a good time to explain anatomy.

I asked him if he was a boy and he stated, ‘Yes, a big boy!’ and I asked him if I was a boy (he said …

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Safety First

My first introduction to First Aid was in 1997, it was a 2 hour class offered at my Dad's workplace.  It was a basic CPR class and I don't remember a thing since that day.  I remember going, getting some sort of certificate and maybe donuts.

I learned from that day that I wouldn't be cut out as an…

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Oh Mason? He's an excellent sleeper.  I put him down to bed, sing him a few songs and I don't hear a peep until morning!

That's what I used to brag.

That has changed.

IT started with him waking up a few times a week, bad dreams, who knows but he'd end up in my bed.  His bed is beside mine, on the f…

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Choo Choo ride

I knew today was going to be a great sunny day and didn’t want to waste it by doing chores inside.  The plans were to head to the Burnaby Central Railway near Confederation Park.  I tried to go last year but it was closed.  We drove by yesterday and the trains were full speed ahead!

The Burnaby…

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Burnaby: Hats Off Day

Mason and I went to Hats Off Day last year and had a lot of fun.  He was a bit smaller then so he stayed in the Zooper stroller while I weaved in and out of the foot traffic while watching the parade. 

Now that Mason is older, it was the perfect day to take him to a community event.  We woke up e…

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Child Entertainment has gotten out of hand

Now that Mason is close to exiting the ‘toddler’ phase and is quickly approaching ‘little man’ designation, his interest in tv shows and their characters is increasing.  While he’s at home, Treehouse TV is on quite a bit.  I’m all for educational tv, I encourage it.  For the record, Sesame Street ta…

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An evening with Mister M Harbour

An evening with Mister M Harbour

I got a lot of great feedback on the previous post so I thought I’d follow up with an evening blog since there is so much to share.

Today’s weather was a bit sketchy.  It literally monsooned all over Vancouver and Burnaby.  I was *hoping* it would be less rainy by …

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