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Goodbye baby diapers!

As you know, Mason has been introduced to potty training but no significant progress yet (well, he just turned 2 five days ago lol).

He has a new potty, announces when he poops and asks to use the potty (sometimes).  So I figured a next good step is to stop using traditional diapers and try the Eas…

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Swimmin' at CG Brown

After Mason was finished dinner, I was thinking of what we should do for the evening and I figured that swimming was a good idea!  Nice warm pool on such a cold day!  So I looked online for an indoor pool in Burnaby and came up with:

c.g. brown memorial pool at 3702 Kensington Avenue

They had a l…

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Birthday loot!

For Mason’s 1st birthday we decided (he didn’t get a say) that instead of gifts, we would ask our party attendees to bring a non perishable item for the Vancouver food bank.  Since we didn’t have a traditional party this year, Mason did receive some gifts from family & friends (thank you!).  Here …

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Mason's 2nd birthday

Today is the big day!  Wow!  Mason is at school today and that's where his party is going to take place.  I originally had the party scheduled for just after lunch but Miss Ivy suggested having it in the afternoon.  The kids probably wouldn’t be hungry for dessert and would be ready for bed!


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Mommy & Daddy are baking!

So today is baking day.  Tomorrow is Mason’s actual birthday and we are serving cupcakes and cookies instead of cake.  It’s a monkey themed party so we bought all the necessary ‘monkey’ decorations.  The first task was heading to the grocery store to pick up all the ingredients.

The suga…

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Hidden treasures

Last week Mason and I set up his big boy bed.  Well, *I* set it up and he ran around.  While I would say that the house is sufficiently baby proofed and I am not one of those helicopter parents that watches her child like a hawk.  I allow him freedom to roam around the house, semi un-monitored so …

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Back to silence

Mornings are pretty routine around here.  Mason wakes up first (or sometimes I do but I always go back to sleep - while he, doesn't).  I grab  my mobile phone off the charger, put my glasses on and Mason stands up so I can carry him to the living room.  He tends to have 'sea legs' when he wakes up a…

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Bye Bye Crib

Well I lied.  The next post was supposed to be about Mason's 2nd bday but alas, it's not!  It's about Mason reaching a milestone.  I decided that it was time to take down the old crib and set up the toddler bed.  This isn't the first time we tried this.  When I first moved into this house, I had bou…

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Terrific Two's

If I say terrific, then I'm hoping to ward off the terrible.  So far so good.

I still call myself a 'new mom' to strangers.  I don't feel like I'm an expert by any means but I'm hardly new at this.  I guess it's because it's hard to believe that 2 years (almost) have gone by from when Mason emerged…

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Mason's almost 2!

I don't think I'll ever stop saying  'OMG where did my baby go?'.  Where did the last (enter X years here) go?

It is now February 5th and in 2 weeks, Mason will be celebrating two years on the planet!  He doesn't know yet but he is getting a birthday celebration.  Two actually.  One will be over t…

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Koko's Activity Centre

Mason and I decided to trek out to our neighbour city and check out Koko's as it's one of our 'things to do before Mason turns 3'.

It easy easy to find as it's on the main road in Port Moody (St. Johns Street). We enter the decent sized parking lot to see that it's quite full.  Guess everyone else h…

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