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Forever Love

As I was getting Mason ready for bed, I peered over at the multi picture frame I made for him a while ago.  It contains pictures of him from newborn to about one and a half years.  I studied the picture his Dad took of him, minutes after his birth. 

I say to him, “Masey, how did you get so big?…

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Yo Gabba Gabba

I have been wanting to take Mason to a live concert of one of his favorite shows but it seemed I either missed the date or I'd be $150 poorer.  I love my child but I'm not willing to spend $80 per ticket for costumed people to run around and sing!  He's not yet 3 and I was also not sure he'd be will…

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Bats & Octopi

It's 10pm and Mason isn't asleep yet.

Which is surprising since he was telling me 3 hours ago that he was tired and wanted to sleep.  At that time we were in the middle of visiting with his Grandparents (my Inlaws) and we were not at home.

So now that we were at home, we started the bedtime routine…

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Potty Training Update

Going into this, I didn't realize how much work it is to potty train.  I figured, get him the potty, the stickers, lots of encouragement and away we go.  I read that it takes up to 12 months for a child to be fully trained (is this really true??)

The first day I started tracking his urination sche…

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Potty Training Prep

In preparation for Mason attending his next phase of daycare (36+ months) I thought I'd try to get him on the potty bandwagon once again.

This time instead of just sitting on the potty (which has become his stool for brushing teeth & washing hands), I was told to make a 'big deal' out the event.  I …

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Happy Hallowe'en

Anticipation for Hallowe'en was generated more by me than by Mason!  I think it's a fun holiday and an excuse for me to eat copious amounts of candy.

Mason's first Hallowe'en at 8 months old consisted of us buying him a giraffe costume (The Children's Place)

and taking him to the mall to get a fr…

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