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Boston Pizza

You can't really appreciate a relaxing dinner out unless you've had kids.  Going to a restaurant seems like a great idea - not having to cook and someone else to do the dishes but sometimes the whole ordeal is a lot more work than it's worth.  Kids are bored, they crawl under the table, milk is spil…

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Thomas the Tank Engine Day

In search of something to do today, I visited the Kids Vancouver website and saw that Art Knapp was having a Thomas event. 

I asked Mason if he wanted to go and he said 'Yes!'.  So off we went to Surrey to see Thomas.  As we started to drive, the rain poured down.  Yikes, this might be a no show.…

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Cover boy

Oh Baby! magazine had a photo contest for the cover of their magazine and being a publication that I read frequently, I decided to enter a great pic of Mason in it.

I could submit up to three pictures and the one they chose was this one:

For Volume 6: Issue 2 there were a total of 30 babies and tod…

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Mason update

Could it be that I haven’t written an update since May?? Geez! Lots has happened since then!


Mason’s appetite and palette has improved significantly.  He no longer refuses to eat most vegetables and mushrooms are his new favourite.  He still has one sippy cup of milk a day and I offer him w…

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Swimmin' at Eileen Dailly

I have to admit it’s been a while since Mason and I last went swimming.  I do like the pool but it’s a lot of prep work to get organized to go and the thought of having to squish myself in a bathing suit in the fall isn’t that exciting.

Today was a beautiful fall day and I thought a great day…

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The Apple Barn

A holiday weekend! As we approach into fall, so many things to do.  The weather called for 100% rain today but I was thinking positive thoughts and decided to check out a corn maze.

Google suggested a kids website (which I cannot recall the name of) that provided 4 different farms to visit.  Out o…

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Flowers for Cory

I asked for a bouquet out of the garden and I was presented with a beautiful mix of colorful flowers grown by my Dad.  In the car I told Mason we were delivering flowers to Uncle Cory.  Mason has never met Cory as he died before Mason was born. 

Cory was my Brother Mike’s best friend who passed …

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