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11 - 12 Month update

Okay so I'm slightly late posting this, considering Mason is um 13 months old.  I have an excuse! I went back to work!   Life is certainly busy so I hope you forgive me :)

So it's going to slightly difficult to think back this far and try to remember what his progress was for this month so bear w…

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I've got a monkey on my back!!

It came the time to retire Mason from the BabyBjörn as he was quickly approaching the maximum weight and it was just too much for my achin' back!  Earlier last summer when Clayton's Sister Faye and family were in town she had her youngest in a back carrier which was like 'wow' to me.  It seems so sk…

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Mommy goes back to work

I knew the day would come but it seems so far off!  Well time flies when you are having fun and my full year off with Mason came to an end.  Actually it was more than a year because I took an extra week off before he was born, I just was too tired to work.  Good thing I did because he was 10 days ea…

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