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The new phrases of Parenthood

  • What have you got in your mouth?
  • Don't eat that! Don't touch that!
  • No, no no!
  • C'mere you little monkey!
  • Not a toy!
  • If you sit still while I change you, Mommy will give you Mr. Potatohead to play with (small parts!)
  • Come back here!
  • Monkey
  • Be careful!
  • Don't put that in the toilet
  • Aww you are so cute!

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10 - 11 Month update

In the blink of an eye, my little 7lb 2 oz newborn that we brought home from the hospital is now this pro crawler who has the cutest little personality and is closer to 21lbs and has these really long arms and legs.  Where oh where  did my baby go!?

I don't think I wrote about Mason's development …

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Me do it!

We've really been struggling with Mason's appetite lately, it seems so up and down and I'm worried about him growing!  He's always been on the smaller side and just above under weight.  Teething obviously started this and since he's only on 2 teeth, we have a ways to go.  I started Mason on purees j…

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Things I didn't know before I had Mason

Things I didn't know [about babies etc] before I became a Mommy

  1. I thought milk came out of one hole in the middle of each nipple.
  2. What projectile vomit looks like.
  3. How I would have no problem wiping mucous, drool or bits of food from my kids face with my bare hand!
  4. That I might not get a full night…

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Flyin' bananas!

*Warning - blog contains details about the joys of having a sick baby.  If you would rather not read about barf, I'd suggest you move along...for those who are curious or want to know what they are in on!*

Mason wakes up happy today but he feels warm.  Mason has been the healthiest baby …

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Prepare 4 Daycare

So you just give birth and already your Mommy friends are asking if you've researched daycares yet.  Um, pardon? Already?!  "Oh yes!", they reply.  "There is at least a 2 year waiting list".  Not only do you have the stress of being a new Mom, you have to worry about daycare now!  Yikes.

Okay …

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My baby has attitude!

My Mason has quite the little personality.  He's been complimented of his happy disposition on many occasions but as of late he sure loves pushing the boundaries.  I try to not limit Mason's boundaries on where he can crawl off to in the house but lately he wants to get into everything he shouldn't …

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