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Mason is bored with crawling

So he taught himself how to stand today...


I walked into the living room and stopped dead.  It took a few seconds for my brain to comprehend what he was doing, then I screamed for Clayton to come and see.  I then rushed (right passed him) to get the camera to take a picture.  He's still standi…

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New duds * rum'n'coke

If I have one complaint about being a new Mom it's being in the doldrums and in that blah land is a very sad wardrobe.  Recently I took out all the clothes that I no longer wear out of the closet, it was a pretty big pile.  What I was left with was prepreg tshirts (over stretched from the belly and …

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A typical day in my life - by Mason

I kept Mommy up a few times last night.  I typically wake up at 3:30 every morning for fun! I even got a bottle, not sure I was hungry but I drank it.  Heehee.  I then had a bit of a cat nap and woke up when Daddy was ready to get up for work at 6am.  Daddy did the routine stuff, you know...changed…

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Mason gives the saying 'spit shine the floors' a whole meaning!

Mason's first words...sorta


We are now into double syllables! YAY for Mason.  He's always been a talker but it was more drawn out "aaaaaaaaaaaa" that was very guttural.  Glad to hear some new sounds.  A 'baba' is what we call his bottle and isn't a real surprise since it's the word I probably say the most.…

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Over the half way point!

Six months is a milestone.  Six months ago Mason came into the world. Six months I have been a Mommy.  Six more months until I return to work....eek!

Well more than 6 months have passed because Mason will be 7 months on the 21st.  7 months is much more closer to a year and wow that will be a HUGE …

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The furniture ain't safe either!

Mason Climbing

"Hi Mommy" Mason looks at me as if to say.

"I was just um seeing what was up here, umm you kinda need to dust more often"

Guess it's really time to babyproof the house!

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The animals are no longer safe

No more mobile!

This is how I walked into Mason's nursery this morning.  Busted!  Ever since Mason started crawling a few weeks ago he has improved his core strength so much that he's able to sit unassisted and is now reaching for anything in his grasp.  Including his poor mobile animals who happily dangled above…

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What do you have against socks Mason?

Mason is sitting in his car seat waiting for us to head out.  He's watching some kiddie show on tv.  A sock is in one hand, going to the mouth.  The other sad sock is lying on the floor.

Our son prefers to have naked feets.


Mason is now saying 'Mummmm' which of course I translate to 'mom', not to be confused with Mmmmm which is what he exclaims after each bite of squash.  He is loving solids! We love being new varieties to see how he'll react and so far so good!

I learn as I grow

Being a baby is an amazing adventure!  As adults, if we want to learn something, we seek it out.  As a baby, it just comes to you each day.  Hmmm today I will laugh! today I will smile! today I will crawl!

I am watching Mason move around the room, exploring his surroundings and remember that jus…

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September, already!?

So I'm walking to Mason's room to check on him as I just put him down to have a nap.  I'm thinking while I'm walking about what this blog is going to be about.  I think maybe I'll write about how great Mason is at napping.  I put him right down and away to sleepy land he goes.  I peer over the crib …

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