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"No more needles!", Mason says

Today was another appointment with Dr. Robinson to administer Mason's 4 month vacinnations (2, 4, 6 and 1 year series of shots).   They combine shots in series so we have to keep going back.  The first session at 2 months were 3 injection sites and 4 vaccines (Hep B, Polio, Pnumoccocal and Meningocc…

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Bee's knees

Mason discovered his knees and toes today!

Roll over red rover!

Mason had his first 'roll-over' from tummy to back on his 4 month 'birth day' but I kinda thought it may have been a fluke because he was on the futon and it wasn't exactly flat.? But when I put him on the floor at my parents house, he definately rolls over! I've noticed he has a bit of trouble roll…

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First stage over

The 0-3 months has officially ended as Mason no longer fits into any of his 3 month sized clothes.  He's just too long! 25 (and a quarter!) inches long.  I actually had to put him in a 6 month sleeper, just so I could get his leggies to fit in it.  Obviously the rest of the sleeper was too big, he's…

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Mommy is so proud

I am now blogging more as I notice each day all the new things Mason is doing.  Lately it's all about grasping, he will pick up toys and try to put them in his mouth.

Picture 005Picture 011

I bought a bebepod chair off of Craigslist (similar to a Bumbo chair but I liked this one better) and the first day he was pretty…

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Growin' boy!

My little man is now 12lbs and 25 inches long (7lb 2 oz / 21 inches at birth)!

Nom nom

Mason figured out where his mouth is and that's where everything goes!  Explore away little one!

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