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Mason's Milestones

Is what this blog should be called.  I'm finding each day he does something new and Mommy is sooo excited!  :)

Every morning when Mason announces he's awake and I go into the room I am greeted with the biggest smiles and coos (so great!).  We have a little chat and today Mason showed his grasp re…

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Attention preggos!

Do not, I repeat, do not wear any favorite clothes while you are in the later stages of your pregnancy.  Seems like a no-brainer but I wore my beloved cotton boxer shorts right to the end and now they are way too big.  My big 'ol belly stretched the crap out of them.  I seriously didn't lose that mu…

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We made it to 3 months!

It was my intention to write this on Mason's 3 month 'birthday' but I got so busy, I forgot!

So my little man turned 3 whole months on May 21st!  Time really does fly and I can't keep saying that enough.  Here are some of the things Mason has experienced in the last month:

  • is quite active with …
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    Cloth vs disposable

    Before Mason was born, Clayton and I decided that we didn't want to contribute to adding more plastic to our landfills.  I researched a few diaper services in the Lower Mainland and chose the best value for our money.

    We are now into 3 months of using the cloth diapers and I thought I would share …

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    Give me a hand!

    Today Mason realized that he has hands! Actually Clayton saw it before I did (he said last week).


    Cry Baby

    Today Mason's tears came in!  Just one out of his right eye!


    This was taken at our photo shoot on May 2nd!

    Here is an article on why newborns do not cry -Click Here

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    Busy Busy Mommy!

    I've once again neglected my little blog but hey I have a good excuse!  My Boss is pretty demanding and I don't have a lot of free time after work...well work never really ends being a Mommy does it?

    So since last post -

  • Clayton, Mason and I flew to Edmonton twice; once to visit family and the s…
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