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Getting to know Mason

Sometimes I really do feel like a stork dropped off this beautiful little baby I call my Son.  I was present for the birth lol and remember most of it (cept for sleeping after the epidural) but the whole experience is still so amazing that it's hard to believe it's real!  When Mason was first born, …

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What no one told me about being a new Mum

As I was out driving, I was thinking about how I tired I am and some of the things I have experienced over the past 18 days (Mason is 18 days old!) and thought that I'd blog a list so I can chuckle years down the road and of course share the list with my preggo readers!

What no one told me about be…

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What I've learned in 11 days

I've been a bit busy but have been meaning to write my first experiences of being a new Mum.  I can't believe 11 days have already flown by!  Since it's been so long, I'm going to do point form instead of trying to recall each day (would be impossible anyhow!)

Leaving the Hospital

  • Was frustrati…
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