Edmonton bound

So the flight was relatively quick and I met Clayton's parents when we landed.  We went to bed fairly late and woke up at a decent hour.  On the Saturday, I also met Clayton's brother and sister who also live in Edmonton.  It was great to be included in such a nice family and I felt really welcomed :)

While in Edm, Clayton also got to meet my Brother Mike and Mike's puppies Dukie (Bulldog) and Nya (Rottie).  I have to admit, not a fan of either breed but I really thought Dukie was cute.  Slobbery but cute.  I wonder if we'll get another dog in the future?

We spent the remainder of Saturday and most of Sunday visiting and eating.  I got my pregnancy advice from his Mom and Sis and got lots of playing time with his nephews who are 3 and 7 months.  It was nice to hold a baby again.  Another 8 months and I get to hold my own.  Wow.  Clayton and I are still in moderate shock.  We'll go about like we normally do but they realize 'all of a sudden'.  Holy! we are going to be parents.  We are having a baby!  As it's still early, there is no bump other than my bloated tummy and the weight gain I've experienced this far!  I flew back to Vancouver alone as Clayton needs a bit more time with Family and took the extra day off. 


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