Denial isn't just a river in Egypt

Okay perhaps there is a reason my breasts are ultra sore and perhaps there is a reason that it's near the end of the month and I still haven't gotten my period and yes perhaps there is a reason I have gained a bunch of weight which is highly unusual for me.  Okay maybe a test isn't such a bad thing...

Sometime after work I went to the pharmacy and headed down the 'Family Planning' aisle.  How bout the aisle for 'I am not planning on a family but I might end up with one!'.  I am cheap so I grab the cheapest brand, aside from the no-name, don't trust that one!  I buy other stuff cause I'm slightly embarrassed by this tell-all box.  I am nervous about heading home, I've got a 50/50 chance and from my symptoms, it ain't looking too good!

I go home, rip the box apart and read the instructions.  Remove cap, pee on the stick and wait a few minutes.  Done.  After about 30 seconds, I stare at the two little windows.  One has a + and the other has a - but I can't tell which is which and which is the important window.  The instructions are crap!  I figure the + means pregnant.  My heart races.  Stupid test must be broken! Instructions are crap!  So I call my boyfriend. 

"Uh I took a test and the stupid instructions are crap!  Either I'm a retard and can't read or we are having a baby." Then I kept saying the test was wrong and went into total shock.  Clayton decided then would be a good time to drive out from Burnaby to Yaletown (about a half hour) and help me read the stupid instructions.

After pacing the house for what felt like an eternity, I decided to go to a different pharmacy and buy a digital test (test for dummies!).  I zoom home and wait patiently for Clayton to arrive.  OKay no patience here...I am an Aries and a redhead.  I called him many times wondering where the heck he was.  Finally he's in the bathroom with me and I tear open the second box (already knowing what to do) and he's watching me.  "Don't watch me pee, go away!", I exclaim.  He replies, "I'm not going anywhere."  I try to pee anyhow but my hands are shaking too much.  I then proceed to drop the tester INTO the toilet!  Shit shit shit (okay maybe it started with a F) and I shake off the now wet tester.  We watch it blink and it comes back 'not pregnant'.  Well obviously.  Okay off to the pharmacy again.

I make Clayton go in this time cause I'm too embarrassed to go back in!  He comes out (which feels like eons) some time later with two boxes in his hand (no bag).  I ask why two, he said 'ya never know' lol.

We race back home (good thing the pharmacy is only a few blocks away) and yes we could have walked but I wasn't in the mood to wait!  We run back inside, I pee on the stick.  Pregnant.  Okay so 2/3.  I decide to take a picture of the sticks as it's my first proof I *may* be having a baby.   Amazingly we head off to sleep.

My first picture of our reality...sorry it's so blurry, I had minimal battery life left!  

  • Top pic.  Test #1 (with crap instructions) reads positive

  • Middle pic.  Test #2 (toilet water version) reads not pregnant

  • Bottom pic.  Test #3 (digital PM version) reads positive

  • Not shown.  Test #4 (digital AM version) reads positive

  • Cause 1 isn\'t enough

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