Back to work

The posts from this point on may be a bit dry as the huge rush of excitement has been shared with family and close friends.  I want to tell the world but I know I need to keep quiet for at least two more months as this little apple seed grows and hopefully continues to grow.  The blog won't be offered to everyone until this time and I'll share it as time goes on.  I had a good day at work but was worried early morning as the boobs weren't as sore and my nausea had subsided.  I have a small fear that I will miscarry, almost as punishment for wanting to tell everyone.  I really really hope that doesn't happen.  This baby was meant to be and we can't wait to meet our little angel.   My feeling of wanting to barf resumed around lunch and I was relieved.  Didn't help with wanting to eat lunch, especially in the heat but it made me feel better that the little seed is still growing.  I bought 'What to expect when expecting' from the Airport and have almost finished it.  I am disappointed in the lack of magazines for pregnant women, lots on parenting or one on fit pregnancy but I want more info!  So a trip to the library was in order and I stocked up.  Should last me til tomorrow, I speed read!

I also spoke to a few more members of family and friends today regarding the news, it's the talk of my little world around me and everyone is so excited.  Clayton isn't here with me tonight and I feel lonely.  We feel lonely, can't wait to pick him up tomorrow. 

Well that's it from me, I guess I should throw away all my pee sticks (I gotta remove the dead batteries first).  I can't help but smile and realize that we are going to have a baby and this is just the beginning.


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