Add some chaos to well...chaos

So Thursday comes along and all I can think about is getting to the doctor to hear from them directly that I am in fact pregnant.  I do not want to get excited about something that 'may' not be true and I have had a lot of weird experiences in my life that have lead me down a wrong path.  I am unable to see my regular physician so I decide to drop by the medical clinic in Clayton's city after work.   I drive over and he's busy with his paperwork he needs to complete and drop off.  We are running a bit late and are both super starving.  My stomach has been queazy and I am in dire need of foodies.  We start driving and about 10 mins into our drive my car decides to break down in the middle of a very busy intersection, in the middle of rush hour.  The car refuses to move and makes an awful noise.  After confirming I did not hit anything, complete strangers (thank you!) help Clayton push my car up the street to an empty parking lot.  I am glad I have a well built boyfriend, if he was wimpy that car would have gone nowhere fast.  I call my good friend Scott who is a mechanic but he doesn't answer.  I then call Daddy, he doesn't have a clue what's wrong with it.  I'm now stuck and no I don't have BCAA, it's a newish car!  We decide to leave the car where it's at and call Clayton's Aunt to rescue us.  She drives me to the clinic and takes Clayton home to get his car.  Once I'm inside the clinic, they inform me they are no longer taking patients.  DAMN!  There is a clinic across the street.  I walk a few blocks.  Closed.  DAMN.  I see a 3rd clinic...sign says 'OPEN'.  Sign inside says "no more patients today'. DAMN.  Wow now I'm hungry, carless and doctorless and it's 8:45pm.  No chance of seeing a doctor tonight.  I'm very disappointed.  Clayton picks me up, we eat dinner and head to bed.  What a day!

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