A human cannot replace a stick

I wake up at 6am because I can no longer sleep and the sun is in my eyes.  There is one final pregnancy test left and I am determined to try one more time to see if the result is different.

Clayton thinks I'm hilarious.  He has already accepted the fact we are having a baby.  I keep going back and forth between admitting it and saying 'it could be a false positive'.  Keep in mind that we are not married, have been dating a short period of time, whew!  This baby wasn't planned but it was discussed long before it was conceived.  I also have had some medical issues regarding my reproductive system and had a hospital visit in the beginning of June.  A pregnancy test was done and came out negative on the 3rd of June.  I also found out that I have only got one ovary and figured that was going to be the start of my pregnancy complications...

Approximately 30 seconds after the 4th stick is exposed to pee, it promptly tells me...I am pregnant.  I throw the stick on the floor and sigh.  Okay maybe I'm pregnant.

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