I've got a monkey on my back!!

It came the time to retire Mason from the BabyBjörn as he was quickly approaching the maximum weight and it was just too much for my achin' back!  Earlier last summer when Clayton's Sister Faye and family were in town she had her youngest in a back carrier which was like 'wow' to me.  It seems so skookum and the whole toddler/carrier combo looked like it was killing her back!  Faye assured me that it was comfy and said that she'd hand it down to us when her son became to big for it.

Fast forward to January where we received a nice surprise in the mail, Faye had bought us a brand new carrier!  The Deuter Kid comfort model.  I thought I'd try it out this morning when Hershey was begging to go to the park and it would be easier to pack Mason than carry him or take the stroller (the fields are muddy).  Clayton has used it a few times and likes it but prefers the front carrier because 'it's better that I can see what he's doing'.  So I sat it on the floor, plopped Mason in, did up 3 buckles and he was pretty solid in there.  I then attempted to put it on my back and I have no clue if I did it right but I put it over one shoulder, then the other and adjusted the straps.  There is one waist strap that is quite nice and provides more support (also helps suck in that mummy tummy hehe) and one across the bust.  I'm one busty girl and not sure I liked having a strap there but it did feel more supportive. 

So off to the park we went.  I only adjusted the straps one more time and it was very comfortable to walk in.  The only trick part? Bending over to pick up dog poo!  You really need good core strength to squat and regain your balance with 25+lbs of squirmy toddler on your back.  Mason seemed to enjoy the walk and had his left hand on my shoulder the whole time.  When I returned home (after walking up a hill) I broke out a light sweat and felt good about the walk.  It's now 20 mins later and no achy back!

I'd give this carrier a 9/10!  Why not a 10? I wish it carried the kid FOR me! :)

The new Kid Comfort III model (available at MEC) retails for about $273! You might be able to find one used.

Mason and I on an early morning walk in the rain.  This is me without make-up and barely awake!

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