1st Canucks Game

First off, I have to thank the Zuccolin's for posting Canucks tickets for sale on Facebook or I wouldn't have thought to take Mason.  

Mason hasn't had too much interest in sports to date but that's not surprising with him having two pretty geeky parents ;) I had been looking forward to today all week and was a bit nervous about the planning and leaving the game so late at night.

Instead of writing my usual story format, I'm just going to stick to Pros & Cons as it's almost 10:30 and Mason isn't yet asleep!

What was great about going to the Canucks Game

  • Being excited about a new experience for Mason
  • Finding parking at the T&T parking lot super close to Rogers Place
  • Mason getting to wear his jersey and got a lot of attention walking down the street (One lady called him a 'cute lil gaffer' lol)
  • Seeing everyone in Canucks Jersey's
  • The great staff at Rogers place and thanks to the lady who told us to go to Guest Services to grab a 'my first game button' for Masey
  • Great seats and not having anyone sitting directly in front of us
  • Watching Mason's face show so much excitement for the first period.  He was really engaged and had fun trying to spot Finn and watching the Jumbotron
  • Finding out that two of my friends were also at Rogers Place.  Shout out to David Lau who was lucky enough to have his son appear on the jumbotron! So cute!  My boss was also at the game!
  • The timing.  Leaving work, picking Mason up at daycare, driving downtown, parking and finally arriving at Rogers Place, buying 50/50 tickets, buying a doughnut and using the washroom. We got to our seats by 6:51!
  • The first goal! I love the noise
  • Watching Finn using the cannon shooter
  • Listening to the crowd singing O'Canada (the singer was awesome)
  • 2 free bottles of water for the 25th million customer event (everyone else got a free beer)
  • I love the music, wished they played it all throughout the game

What sucked

  • Paying $$$ for parking.  I tried to be proactive and find reduced rate lots and thought I was in the wrong one.  I was hoping for $15.00 and ended up paying $25.00.  Ouch.
  • The rushed feeling not being able to relax until we were in our seats
  • Not being the 25th million customer 
  • Having to eat a fast food dinner.  Yuck to Mc' Donalds
  • The puddle of beer that my shoes sat in for the 2nd period onward (why the heck do they not have cup holders!?)
  • Having to leave early to beat the traffic and missing the last period 
  • Losing :(
  • Finally getting back to my car and find that some jerk-face in his expensive giant SUV parked a couple inches from my perfectly centered SUV.  I had to crawl through the passenger side door.  Luckily no one was parked to my left!
  • Not winning the 50/50 draw :( I could have used that $25k!

Total cost for tonight's fun $233.50.  

Here are the pics!

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