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Mason gets a 'big boy' car seat

Mason's birthday was soon approaching and we realized that he was getting too big for his rear facing car seat.  It took us quite a while to find his rear facing seat as so many thing come to mind when buying a car seat:

  • Style
  • Price
  • How easy it is to handle
  • How easy it is to take baby in/out
  • Buyin…

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Mason's first daycare experience

As a sequel to my previous post about choosing a daycare, I thought I'd share with ya'll about how the first day went!  I don't actually return to work until Monday, March 1st however Mason is attending 'gradual entry' at daycare so Miss Ivy can observe how he behaves, eats and plays (while in my pr…

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Binky begone!

This isn't the first time I've written about Mason's sleep attachment to the dreaded binky (aka sucky, soothy, paci etc) but we have made some progress.  There are a few different reasons why it is time that the binky goes bye bye.

  1. Pacifiers can contribute to misaligned teeth especially if older t…

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The new phrases of Parenthood

  • What have you got in your mouth?
  • Don't eat that! Don't touch that!
  • No, no no!
  • C'mere you little monkey!
  • Not a toy!
  • If you sit still while I change you, Mommy will give you Mr. Potatohead to play with (small parts!)
  • Come back here!
  • Monkey
  • Be careful!
  • Don't put that in the toilet
  • Aww you are so cute!

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10 - 11 Month update

In the blink of an eye, my little 7lb 2 oz newborn that we brought home from the hospital is now this pro crawler who has the cutest little personality and is closer to 21lbs and has these really long arms and legs.  Where oh where  did my baby go!?

I don't think I wrote about Mason's development …

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Things I didn't know before I had Mason

Things I didn't know [about babies etc] before I became a Mommy

  1. I thought milk came out of one hole in the middle of each nipple.
  2. What projectile vomit looks like.
  3. How I would have no problem wiping mucous, drool or bits of food from my kids face with my bare hand!
  4. That I might not get a full night…

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Prepare 4 Daycare

So you just give birth and already your Mommy friends are asking if you've researched daycares yet.  Um, pardon? Already?!  "Oh yes!", they reply.  "There is at least a 2 year waiting list".  Not only do you have the stress of being a new Mom, you have to worry about daycare now!  Yikes.

Okay …

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