New 'bed'room

I recently wrote a post and accidentally published it on my other blog (the one that isn't about Mason).  So to catch you up, please read this first.

So now that I have Mason back with me, I showed him his new room (playroom to bedroom) and I showed him Mommy’s room which is devoid of any child related items (such as bed, stuffies and blankets) – with the exception of pictures around the room.

He seemed okay with the change and I was looking forward to the evening to see how he’d adjust to his new sleeping arrangement.

8:00pm – Start night time routine (pee on the potty, brush teeth, 2 stories and 1 song).

Somehow this took an hour.

9:00pm – I tuck him in; tell him I’m in the next room, nightlight on, door open just a crack.

9:05pm – I get the brilliant idea of playing lullaby’s on YouTube (Favorites are NIN & Lady Gaga)

9:10pm - He is convinced he's going to 'fall' out of bed (a whole 6 inches). I only have one bed rail, so I put it on the side it used to be on.  He now is convinced he's going to fall out of the other side.  I push the whole bed against the wall.  Problem solved.  "I don't want my bed on the wall!".  Tough!

9:15pm -  I go into his room to tell him to stop banging around which I’m pretty sure is his feet as he runs them along the wall.

9:30pm – It is quiet(er) and so I go into peek and he’s sitting on the edge of the bed.  Over the next 5 minutes he proceeds to tell me:

  • I not sleepy
  • There are monsters in the room
  • I can’t see
  • The moon isn’t out
  • I don’t want my blankets
  • I want my friends on the bed
  • I have an owie on my leg
  • I need a band-aid…and cream

At this point I start howling and need to blog this before I forget.

He then barrels into the living room (where I am sitting) and says:

“I have boogers in my nose”

And gleefully replies OKAY! when I tell him he can go into the bathroom and wipe his nose. 

Yes, I know he’s stalling.

I hear the toilet lid flop down as he throws the tp into the toilet.

He runs back into his room.
I think he’s now settling down.

He proceeds to come back out with his ceramic nightlight cover in his hand.  The room is now lit with a bare lightbult.

"I made it bright!".  I take the cover from him, replace it and tell him not to touch it.


“I don’t want to lay down”

I leave in silence.


9:52pm - he's starting to settle down.  I creep towards the door and peek in.  He doesn't see me.  He has turned himself around so now his head is at the foot of the bed.  He's starting intently at the night light.  His eyes flutter.  He is completely silent. 

I wonder if I should shut off the music.  I kinda like it, it’s keeping me sane.  I have a mountain of dishes to do before bed.  I should have gotten some more work done. 

45 mins to my own bedtime and I’m going to assume he’ll still be awake.  He’s trying to wear me down…keeping himself awake until I go to bed and then he’ll look at me with that beautiful little face and say something heart melting like “Mommy I cuddle you now?”

And who really, could say no to that?

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