Mommy goes back to work

I knew the day would come but it seems so far off!  Well time flies when you are having fun and my full year off with Mason came to an end.  Actually it was more than a year because I took an extra week off before he was born, I just was too tired to work.  Good thing I did because he was 10 days early!

So the date initially was mid Feb but due to the chaos of the Olympics, I pushed it to March 1st (unpaid of course) which was a smart idea in a way but really hurt the  budget on the other side.  I was nervous about going back to work, I didn't know my coworkers and I thought I had a new boss (turns out I had the same one when I left).  So many people had come and gone and the Company grew almost double, not to mention bought the building and took on another floor.  Crazy growth!

I had a hard time sleeping the night before, Clayton did 'nights' so I would have a good rest but it didn't help.  My mind wandered and I found myself awake at 2:30am and then of course Mason woke up a few times after that.  He's got a bit of a cold so he wasn't feeling great.  Clayton and I had packed lunches the night before and I had my outfit ready to go.  I got up just before 7am because I couldn't sleep any longer and I thought I'd help Clayton prep Mason for his first full day of daycare!

I got dressed, ate breakfast and actually did full makeup/hair which has really been neglected for the past year.  A ponytail and no makeup was the standard OR I'd put just mascara on so I didn't look like I was 12.  I said goodbye to Mason who was eating toast...

Here Mason is trying to rub his sticky fingers on my shirt!

Saying goodbye to Monkey for the day.

After I left for work, Clayton dropped Mason off at daycare and said he did great.  Gave Clayton a wave!  My drive took a lot longer than I thought it would (average commute was about 1/2hr)  considering it was the day before the end of the Olympics I expected road closures etc but not a lot of heavy traffic. Once I got to the street my work was one, I had to figure out where my parking lot was.  I knew it was on the street (which was partially barricaded off).  I figured I couldn't turn right on Georgia so I kept going and basically had to take a detour (another 3 mins) because there were no left turns permitted (grrr).  Finally I get to the first hotel (nope, not the right lot), so I pass the second (not YMCA) and head to the fourth (Hampton) (nope, not the right lot).  It's the last one - Goeorgian Court.  The only entrance is going the wrong way through the Hampton's drop off zone.  I park in an empty lot real quick, run to the lobby where my pass is being held, go back get the car, then the pass doesn't work! I call for assistance, the guy says he's coming out and finally I get it to work and I go park.  Rush rush rush! I hurry down the street to my building and take a deep breath as I come off the elevator.

Brittany (our newest receptionist) welcomes me and passes me a new hire package, most of it I won't need.  I am escorted to my boss (hugs) and am introduced to my team (all new people).  I find out that I am not sitting with my team but a different team (they were going to wait to switch the desks around because we were being relocated but then that fell through) There still are no plans to move me.  My phone doesn't work and I can't change the pword on my computer.  Frig.  I get de-ja vu reading through all Intranet and websites (like I did on my first day back in March 08) but luckily I'm whisked away to join the group of new hires (all 8 of them) for the introduction to the rest of the staff (all 150?) of them.  There are a lot of new faces but the ones that are familiar point at me and say 'You AREN'T new!' and I get a handshake or a hug.  I kinda feel like I'm the center of attention which I can't say is a bad thing because it's super overwhelming on your first day and meeting that many people.  Not that you'll remember *any* of their names!

Once we complete the rounds, I head back to my desk and then off to a meeting with my new team.  The afternoon whizzes by and it's 5pm! Time to head out and pick Monkey up from daycare.  The drive is also 45 mins due to heavy congestion which totally stresses me out because I'm starving, I have only until 6pm to pick up Mason AND we have a downtown appointment at 7pm.  CRAZINESS.  I txt Clayton to say I can't pick up dinner.  I get to Mason at 5:45pm.  He's the last kid there.  He's excited to see me, I rush him home to see Clayton's Mom is already at our house.  She is there to babysit Masey while we are downtown.  The dog is gone so I assume he's out for a pee (Hershey is also going through an adjustment having his Mom home for an entire year! It's going to be lonely in the house but he still has the cat to keep him company).  I rush around trying to get Mason's food prepared and I spy dinner on the counter!!! Ginny has picked us up Quiznos! (I couldn't figure out how Clayton was able to call her so fast to pick it up but I found out later she just did it on her own) LIFESAVER.  I wolf down dinner and hope Clayton is going to walk thru the door soon.  He has just enough time to eat and then we are back in the car.  Our appointment is from 7-9.  We get home shortly after, say goodbye to Ginny (and thanks!), make lunches for tomorrow, finish cleaning up the house, get ready for bed and it's now 10pm. 

I would have liked to say that I had a great night sleep but Mason was awake almost every hour (he's still got a cold and is teething).  AND I had to get up a bit earlier because I actually work at 8:30am.  What a day. I'm not sure how long I can keep it up.  I thought I'd have a much harder time emotionally but for now it's just organizing our evenings so lunches, housework and Masey time takes place.  This Full time working Mommy thing ain't easy!

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