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It's funny how diligent I have been in the past with writing frequently enough.  Obviously Maternity Leave gives you that opportunity.   But throw in full time work and daycare and suddenly there isn't much time in the day to eat, shower and sleep.   Let alone write in a blog.  So I apologize for no real time frames but I can say that Mason is now almost a year and a half (will be on the 21st) and the amount of things he's learned in the last few months has been amazing!

Sleeping.  Finally Mason sleeps through the night, in a month he's only woken up once and that was because his teethies are aching.   He goes to bed at 9pm and wakes up just after 7am (which is a bit late in my eyes but I'd rather not have to deal with a grumpy toddler in the early morning).  His naps are consistent at daycare, sleeping 2.5 hrs from 12:30-3 but on the weekends it really depends on what the plans are!

Eating.  Clayton has been very adventurous with packing Mason's lunch while I still stick to the basics.  Mason loves cheese, yogurt, berries, fruit (of any kind), popsicles, tapioca pudding, puree (yeah I know it's baby food) and toddler food (yeah, the packaged stuff)

Growth.  I weighed Mason recently and he's still around 22lbs and he's 31 inches (21 inches at birth) but he seems taller/heavier.  He goes for his 1.5 year shots in a few weeks so we'll see the final #s, not that it matters but u know...

Music.  Masey seems to really enjoy music and will wiggle to a tune now and then.  He is drawn to music on the tv and babbles to music.

Talking.  Mason still isn't very interested in 'talking' yet but the words are coming.  Everything in eeth comes out as eesh

  • cheese = cheese
  • please = pleesh
  • shooes = shoosh
  • banana = nana (0r nan)
  • bottle/milk = baba
  • bye = ba

Listening.   Mason continues to amazed me with his level of understanding when I ask him to do things.  

  • Can you go get me your shoes?
  • Where is your milk?
  • Do you want to have a bath/shower?
  • Where is the bucket (beach bucket)
  • Put shoes on
  • Close the door
  • Arms up
  • Can you unlock/lock the car
  • Can you get me your book?
  • Can you put *that* back? (will return item he's not supposed to have back to where it came from)


  • Put buckles together (the type that's on a backpack)
  • He can unlock/lock the car with the fob thingie
  • Climbs stairs well with only one hand needed for assistance
  • Can open door handle unassisted
  • Can get up onto a chair unassisted
  • Can drink from a cup unassisted (sorta before he gets carried away and tilts it too high)
  • Can eat with a fork/spoon quite well (kid or adult size)
  • Plays well with other kids, shares well
  • Turns the tv on/off
  • I can point at things and he'll go to where I am pointing
  • Has climbed out of his crib on 3 occasions.  Clayton found him in his toddler couch one morning fast asleep
  • Makes a vroom noise when he pushes cars (or other objects across the floor)

I figured this would be a lot longer of a blog but I will write more later so look back for updates!

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